Wine, Beer, And Bourbon: Travel Ideas For Fans Of Adult Beverages

Adults beverages and vacations often go hand in hand. The image of drinking a pina coloda, or some other tropical drink, while on the beach is an iconic image used in the tourism industry. However, if you’re planning an upcoming trip, you might want to consider centering the vacation around one of your favorite drinks. Just like there are tourism destinations that are perfect for people who like to ski, or birdwatch, there are also travel destinations that are perfect for connoisseurs of adult beverages.

Should You Take Advantage Of Roommate Services For A Vacation Package?

A few vacation tour companies now offer roommate-finder services for solo travelers who don’t want to pay extra for a room. Many tour services have solo travelers pay more because the rooms on a package trip are generally double-occupancy, so the company wants to get something for that extra bed space that now can’t be booked. This extra charge has put some solo travelers off traveling with these companies, so a few have begun matching solo travelers in double rooms.

5 Reasons To Take Part In A Wine Tour

If you’re wanting to try something new during your next travel experience, you may want to give a wine tour a try. This can be a fun and exciting way to learn all about wine as you learn about the wine in the area that you’re visiting. With help from a guide, you can be educated and have a great time, too. Keep reading to see why it’s a good idea to take part in wine tours.