Wine, Beer, And Bourbon: Travel Ideas For Fans Of Adult Beverages

Adults beverages and vacations often go hand in hand. The image of drinking a pina coloda, or some other tropical drink, while on the beach is an iconic image used in the tourism industry. However, if you're planning an upcoming trip, you might want to consider centering the vacation around one of your favorite drinks. Just like there are tourism destinations that are perfect for people who like to ski, or birdwatch, there are also travel destinations that are perfect for connoisseurs of adult beverages. Here are three:

Tour Wine Country:

One of the more popular alcohol related tourism destination is a vineyard. The famous ones are in California (think Sonoma valley), but there are also ones on the East Coast, should you live on the eastern seaboard and not have the time or travel budget to fly out west. The cool thing about visiting a vineyard is that many of them are now designed to be tourist destinations, so there are hotels located nearby, fun restaurants located on the spot, as well as the informative tours of the vineyard itself.

Visit Belgium And See The Monks Brew Beer

Anyone who loves beer will know that Belgium holds a special place in the pantheon of great beer. It's home to some of the worlds best beer, many of those brews being made by Monks. So, if your also interested in traveling overseas, you might want to head on out to Belgian and take a tour of a Trappist brewery. These are the ones tied to the original monasteries where monks started brewing the beers so long ago. You will get to see the classic style brewing as well as learn about modern production.

Head Down South To A Bourbon Distillery

If you're drink of choice is more American, namely bourbon (that most American of whiskeys) then you should take a trip on down to a bourbon distillery. These are really cool because you'll get to learn about the history of bourbon making, from the original days when people had their own backyard stills, to the more modern invocations. The tour guide will show you the process of making the mash, how the evaporation takes place, and the techniques that make bourbon so distinct from other whiskeys (namely Rye, the other American whiskey). You will also get to sample some of the different bourbons and listen as the guide discusses the flavor notes that you should be looking for in future tastings.