What You'll Experience Taking An Amish Tour

The Amish are a religious population that live life with limited modern technology. They rely on farming, cutting wood, sewing, and other traditional methods to survive, and they have a strong sense of community. If you're interested in learning more about the Amish and how they live, you can take a tour of one of their communities. 

Here are some of the things you'll experience if you take an Amish tour.

See Them in Their Traditional Clothing

One of the most obvious differences between Amish people and anyone else you see in public is the traditional Amish clothing. If you take an Amish tour, you might feel like you've gone back in time when you see how they dress. That's because they still make their own clothing using traditional methods, like sewing, rather than buying from clothing stores as most people do. 

See Them Travel By Horse and Buggy

Another thing that may shock you when you visit Amish country for a tour is the way they get around. They still ride on horse-drawn buggies rather than driving in cars. They try to avoid using modern technologies, and that includes motorized vehicles, so they choose to ride horses and buggies instead. 

Watch Them Use Their Skilled Craftsmanship

Because Amish people don't rely on modern technology, they use traditional methods to make things. There's a beauty to their craftsmanship that many people admire. During a tour, you'll get to witness them making things like furniture using traditional methods that require a lot of time, skill, and dedication. 

Meet Members of the Community

One of the best parts about taking an Amish tour is getting to meet members of the community. Rather than relying on outside opinions and misconceptions about their way of life, you can speak to them one on one and learn things firsthand. You may learn some things that you would never have known about if you never took a tour. 

Try Their Food

The Amish are known for making some delicious dishes, and you can sample some of their foods during a tour. They use high-quality ingredients that they grow themselves, so you can expect to try some great dishes. 

Learn About Their History

Most people don't know much about the Amish, but during a tour, you'll learn all about their history and why they choose to live the way they do. It's important to understand the history of different cultures so you can get a better understanding of their lifestyles.

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