How To Plan Parking For Your Flight: A Guide To Airport Parking Reservations

Planning a flight can be a long and complicated process with many things to consider, including how to manage monthly or hourly airport parking reservations. Luckily, resources like this guide have been created to remove the stress of planning and provide step-by-step instructions that will help better organize the trip and remove anxiety. This guide covers everything you need to know about airport parking reservations, including the common types of parking lots and what to know about short-term versus long-term parking. 

Types of Airport Parking Lots

Most airports feature three types of parking accommodations to choose from: airport-owned parking, third-party parking, and hotel parking. Each option offers pros and cons concerning proximity, cost, and security. 

Airport-owned parking is always the closest to the airport and has the best security because it is located on airport property. In addition, airport parking offers accommodations for hourly airport parking reservations and monthly parking reservations. In most cases, this is the most expensive parking option. 

Third-party parking is usually a short distance from the airport but close enough to be convenient. It is common for these areas to be fenced and monitored by cameras and other security features. While these are not the cheapest parking lots, they are generally more cost-effective than on-site parking. Unfortunately, these lots are usually only suitable for long-term parking, with no hourly options available. 

Hotel parking is usually the cheapest option, but it offers very little security and long shuttle wait times.

Hourly Airport Parking Reservations

Hourly airport parking reservations are often referred to as short-term airport parking reservations. While it is common for lots to accommodate both long-term and short-term parking, short-term parking is usually closer to the airport. This type of parking is most common for airport pick-ups or for overnight flights. In most cases, it is cheaper to book hourly airport parking reservations ahead of time. Bookings can be made through the airport directly or through third-party booking sites. 

Monthly Airport Parking Reservations

Long-term or monthly airport parking reservations are always a good idea for long trips. In most cases, long-term parking charges lower per day rates than short-term parking, with separate rates for monthly parking. Because there are more lots available for long-term parking, including hotel lots and third-party lots, it is a good idea to shop around if pricing is a concern before committing to booking through the airport. Loyalty programs and daily deal sites can also provide coupons for monthly parking reservations.  

For more information about hourly airport parking reservations, contact a local company.