Three Ways To Get Around On A Food Tour

If you're traveling and you want to take a deep dive into the cuisine of the area you're in, one good option to consider is a food tour. Many companies run these tours, which include numerous stops at restaurants and food producers, giving participants a chance to have several samples of food throughout the day. When you're evaluating a few tours, one thing to look at is how the tour gets around. There are several common options, and you can consider what's available and find an option that feels suitable to you. Here are three ways to get around on a food tour.


A lot of food tours move from one location to another on foot. Generally, you'll meet your guide at a specific area, and they'll lead the group on foot from venue to venue. If you enjoy getting out and walking when you're in a new area, this type of food tour may be appealing to you. Some people will also find that a bit of exercise between each stop—particularly if they eat a little excessively at some places—is a good way to get the body moving and not feel sluggish. If you book a walking food tour, you'll want to have comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing.


Another option to consider is a food tour that travels by bus. If there's a longer distance between some of the stops on the tour, walking won't be practical. Instead, your group will hop onto a bus and drive from location to location. Commonly, your tour guide will talk as you ride, perhaps pointing out sights along your route or sharing some information about the food at your next stop. A bus can be a fun option because it allows you to rest between stops, while also giving you a chance to chat with some of your fellow food tour participants.

Personal Vehicle

There are also food tours in which you'll use your personal vehicle to travel between the stops. There are several perks to this type of tour. You may find that it's more affordable than a tour that uses a bus because you're supplying your own method of transportation. Additionally, if you want some quiet time to converse with your family members or friends between stops, getting into your personal vehicle and driving to the next destination can be ideal.

Be sure to confirm how any food tour you're thinking of booking gets around.