Tips For Success With A Camper Van Rental

Traveling the country to see various sights and locations is easy when you have access to a camper van via a rental service. Here are some recommendations to help you plan and successfully take a trip with a camper van rental.

Be Sure You Make Plans

With a camper van rental you can take your lodging, food preparation, and sleeping accommodations with you wherever you choose to travel. This makes it easy to make immediate decisions in your travels as you do them instead of sticking to a rigid plan. This will also allow you to camp off the side of the road on a mountain trail or by a lake one night or the beach. However, you should still make sure you don't rely on your luck to get reservations to stay at a campground or RV park. 

There are some destinations that will require you to make a reservation in advance to hold your spot. Otherwise you might find that a campground is all booked up and you won't be able to connect to electricity or water for another day. The timing of your reservations will also depend on what time of year you are traveling or what areas of the country you are traveling to. If, for example you are traveling to Florida in the winter, you will definitely need to make reservations before you head out so you can make sure you have a set plan for your camper van travels.

Pack Appropriately

A camper van is going to provide your basic accommodations to use during your travels, but you need to be sure and add extras for your trip. Ask the rental service what types, if any, of dishes, kitchen appliances, and silverware will be included with your rental. Sometimes a camper van rental service can provide some basic equipment and tools, which should include a water hose, adapter, and tire chocks and blocks for leveling the vehicle when you stop to camp. However, if your camper van rental does not include it, be sure you pack it before you take off. 

Also be sure to include towels, wash cloths for kitchen and bathroom, and sheets, pillow, and pillow cases and other bedding you will need. Then, plan to pack your clothing for the trip, being sure to pack lightly but also to plan for the needed items. For example, be sure to take a couple sweatshirts or a coat if you may encounter cold weather in high elevations. Also pack a bathing suit and sunscreen for when you will be in a hot climate or the coast.