Traveling With Kids? Things To Do On Your Next Family Vacation

You need family-friendly things to do on your fall vacation. Without pool days or beach play, you still have plenty of options to entertain the kids on your autumn getaway. Take a look at some of the top indoor adventures for your next family trip.

Art Museums

Art museums aren't just for adults. Whether your child enjoys art or just likes to explore, they can make discoveries, learn about history, and enjoy a day viewing famous paintings, sculptures, or other artworks.

When touring art museums with children:

  1. Review the rules. Institute a no-touch policy. Other rules to discuss include voice level (indoor voice), walking (not running) through the galleries, and appropriate museum behavior.
  2. Play a game. Interest your child in the art with an "eye spy" game. Your child can search for specific colors, shapes, or other parts of the paintings.
  3. Have a meal. A cranky kid makes a museum trip tricky. Take a midday break for lunch or a snack.

Art galleries aren't the only museums to visit on your family vacation. Read on for more information on other museum-based indoor activities your family will enjoy.

Other Museums

What other museums can keep the kids busy? Some of the most popular picks with family vacationers include:

  1. History museums. Learn about the past in a hands-on or interactive way. These museums are perfect for children who have an interest in the past or a specific time period.
  2. Science centers. Explore and experiment the day away in this type of discovery-oriented attraction.
  3. Natural history museums. Unlike history museums, these institutions don't necessarily focus on the written history of humans. View dinosaur fossils, learn about birds, or get a mini eco-education.

Along with these types of whole-family museums, some cities have children's museums. Unlike a science center or natural history museum, these attractions cater directly to kids. If you have a toddler or preschooler, a children's museum is an ideal option.

Active Activities

Your child can't seem to sit still. Now what? Explore physically activity indoor adventures on your next family trip. While offerings differ by city/region, options to consider include the following:

  1. Climbing walls. Older kids and teens can get a workout on an indoor climbing wall.
  2. Ice skating. You don't need an outdoor pond to skate. Visit an indoor rink for a wintertime activity in the fall.
  3. Roller skating. Get retro and try this '80s pick during your next vacation.

If your child enjoys sports but doesn't necessarily feel like joining in, a major league, minor league, or college athletic event is a family-friendly option.

Are you looking for things to do on your next vacation? From art museums to basketball games, you'll find plenty of picks for kids of all ages.

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