Review Reading Tips For Boutique-Style Properties

When you search hotel reviews for an upcoming vacation, do you simply glance at the star rating, or do you actually take the time to read the reviews? Particularly when it comes to a boutique-style property, the real story of the property is in the fine print, so you need to take the time to read. If you are not a review reading pro, do not worry; here are some tips you can use to look through property reviews to ensure you get the facts about the property.

Ignore the Number of Reviews

One of the most unique features of boutique-style hotels is the number of rooms they offer. Large resort properties may have 500 rooms, so naturally, when you read the reviews for a large property, you take thousands of reviews as a good sign. 

However, a boutique hotel could have as few as 50 or even 10 rooms available. So, if you do necessarily see thousands of reviews, do not take it as a bad sign. It simply means that fewer guests have stayed at the property due to its smaller size and exclusivity, not that they do not want to stay.

Check for Recent Reviews

Always look at the date of the available reviews, as this small detail can give you a lot of information. If all the reviews are old, keep in mind that a lot can change over time, so the information you are reading may not be accurate, and not necessarily in a bad way.

For example, if the property has several bad reviews from five years ago, it is possible that the property has completely revamped management and made updates, so the complaints may not be valid. The more recent the review, the better picture you can get of the hotel.

Pay Attention to the Property Description

In addition to a smaller size, many boutique-style hotels have unique design elements. For example, instead of every room on the property having all the same features and appointments in each room, it is not unheard of for each room on the property to have a different design, which is one of the factors that make these hotels attractive.

Look through the boutique hotel reviews for insights about how the property is designed, as well as comments about any upscale features, such as upgraded linens, which should be common at one of these properties. 

Keep all these factors in mind as you search for a boutique property for your next vacation.