Top Reasons To Choose An All - Inclusive Destination Wedding Over A Traditional One

Traditional weddings can be beautiful, romantic, and full of fun. You might want something a little different, however, maybe a little bit of adventure against a gorgeous backdrop. If you are looking for a wedding on a budget but still want a memorable day, or even if your budget reaches the sky, an all-inclusive destination wedding might be what you are looking for.

Here are the top reasons to choose an all-inclusive destination wedding over a traditional one.

Doesn't Take As Long To Plan

A traditional wedding can take up to a year to plan and carry out. There are a lot of moving pieces such as finding the venue and reception hall, to inviting guests. You need to find a caterer, photographer, wedding gown, and more. It might seem like the planning is endless.

When you have an all-inclusive destination wedding it doesn't take as long to plan. In fact, it can be much easier. The hardest part could be picking the right location and resort for your wedding. You will work with the resort or hotel's wedding planner and pick the right package for what you want. Resorts will have different types of packages suited to your needs and budget.

Packages Can Be Customized

While an all-inclusive destination wedding is easier to plan because everything is usually included, it is still possible to customize your package. Many resorts offer several settings for your ceremony from beach weddings to onsite chapels or gardens, you can have the ceremony in almost any setting. You could also work with the resort on decorations, what type of reception you would like, from formal to casual, and more.

If you prefer to keep the package as is, that's fine too. But if you wish to add a bit of creative flair to your wedding, most resorts will work with you.

Plan Excursions As Well

When you plan an all-inclusive destination wedding, you could also plan some excursions and fun activities as well. You can book a catamaran trip around the ocean with just you and your fiance or take your guests with you. You could treat everyone to a spa day or wine tasting. You could book a horseback ride along nearby trails, or a trip to a local popular shopping destination.

The point is, when you plan a destination wedding, you have access to many other activities for both yourselves and your guests to enjoy. Visit a company like Barefoot Vacation Villas on their website to get started.