Three Ways To Have A Nice Vacation On A Budget

If you're like many people, you've been dreaming of taking a nice vacation but just can't find the funds. However, although it's true that traditional travel often comes with a hefty price tag, strategies exist for enjoying an adventure without breaking the bank. Following are just three ways you can satisfy your urge to wander while keeping travel costs down. 

Take Advantage of Shoulder Season Discounts

Shoulder seasons are typically the month before and the month after the peak tourism months for any given destination. For instance, if you'd love to take a cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage but can't afford the steep price of the after ticket for sailing during the high-summer months, consider going in May or September. Not only will you enjoy less expensive prices, you'll also avoid the peak season crowds. If you've been dreaming of a Colorado ski vacation, consider going in March rather than during the middle of winter. Chances are you'll still get good snow and have a great time.

Rent a Hotel Room With a Kitchenette

Eating three meals a day at restaurants adds up fast, so consider booking a room with a kitchenette to save on food costs. Naturally, you'll want to enjoy some meals in restaurants — after all, that's part of what going on vacation is all about. But being able to whip up a quick breakfast omelet or sandwich in  your hotel room leaves you with more money and time to savor an evening meal at a fabulous restaurant. 

Set Priorities

Most people don't travel simply to spend the majority of their time in a hotel room, so don't be afraid to investigate less expensive options if you plan on spending most of the time while on your trip sightseeing and otherwise exploring your destination. Discount hotel rooms offer a great choice for those who simply need a place to sleep at night while enjoying their vacation. 

Be Open to Last Minute Deals

Travelers who are able to take advantage of last minute deals often end up with some amazingly inexpensive vacations. You can save on everything from premium hotel rooms, cruises, and air travel if you're able to take off on very little notice. These become available when the airline, hotel, or cruise ship has vacant spaces — they'd rather fill them at deeply discounted prices rather than get nothing for them at all. Although this strategy isn't for everyone, it can provide an element of adventure for those who are able to be flexible with their schedules.