Tips For Holding A Wedding Reception In A Hotel Conference Room

When you're planning a wedding reception, you have many venue options from which to choose. After you've determined the size of your guest list and your budget, you can easily narrow down the prospects after doing a bit of research. One versatile option to consider is a hotel conference room.

Hotel conference rooms are available in a wide range of sizes, and offer many different types of amenities. Before choosing the perfect event space for your big day, make a list of things that you require, such as a large space, the option to decorate, and the inclusion of an outdoor area.

Holding your wedding reception in a hotel conference room can come in very handy if you're expecting a lot of out-of-town guests. You may be able to reserve a block of rooms for them to stay in, as well as the event space, at a discounted price. 

Another reason that hotel receptions are convenient is that you can have access to your room for getting ready, freshening up, and changing into more comfortable clothing at all times. If you need to rest in between the wedding ceremony and reception, your bed will be within walking distance.

Here are some additional tips for holding your reception in a hotel conference room: 

1. Onsite Catering

Not only is onsite event catering easily accessible, it may also save you money as well. You may be able to strike a deal with the hotel's caterer when reserving the venue and guest rooms, and avoid having to pay a premium for a private catering company. If the hotel features a restaurant, consider having them cater your reception as well. 

2. Decorations 

Before booking the conference room, be sure to ask the event staff if decorating is allowed. Because some conference spaces can seem sterile, a few personal decor items can go a long way in adding warmth to the venue. 

Choose a theme for the reception, such as a beach or French garden-inspired look, and choose appropriate pieces to give the room a cohesive vibe. For instance, place vases filled with either seashells or sand, or fresh-cut flowers, in the middle of the tables to add interest. 

Wrap string lights around pillars or beams, or line tables with tealights, to give the room a warm, romantic glow. 

If the conference room's walls clash with your wedding colors or are too boring, ask if you can drape flowing fabric from them to breathe new life into the space.